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Childhood immunizations are one of the most significant advances of modern medicine. They have reduced the rate at which children contract serious infectious diseases from almost universal to almost 0.

Unfortunately, immunizations are not 100% effective even when administered properly and timely. In order to be effective and prevent the spread of disease, immunizations must be administered to a very high percentage of the population. Unfortunately the information that Lake Pediatrics will serve the population of unimmunized children has spread to the extent that this practice is no longer a safe haven even for immunized children. We no longer have in our waiting room what is called herd immunity. This is a dangerous situation for all of our patients. According to the Lake County Health Department there has recently been an increase in the incidence of Pertussis and Mumps in Lake County and nationwide.

In my 38 years of pediatric practice and three years of residency I have never seen a child seriously injured from an immunization. I have seen several cases of Gillian Barre syndrome, which have resolved in all cases. Whooping cough however is becoming more common in our practice.

The practitioners at Lake Pediatrics have agreed unanimously that we must stop allowing unimmunized patients into our waiting room. Therefore EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY Lake Pediatrics will no longer serve patients whose parents refuse to have them immunized. We are sorry, as I believe that every child has the right to medical care, however if the parents do not cooperate with modern medical standards the parents forfeit that right for their child. Flu shots are not required.

We will continue to care for urgent problems for 30 days after you have been notified.

Altered immunization schedules are acceptable as long as immunizations are begun immediately and a written schedule is maintained in which mandated antigens for day care or school are given by 2 years of age or a valid medical reason is given for delaying immunizations.

Permission is herby granted for any practitioner or entity to publish this material in whole or in part to convey this policy to their own patients.

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